User data not found

Reason 1

You didn't enter your Email and Serial correctly. Use copy & paste and ensure to delete all blanks.

Reason 2

You currently have no interent connection.

Reason 3

You didn't purchase WorldJetways extension yet.

Activation limit reached


You can register the extension up to 2 unique hardware devices. For the identification we check your MAC adress. If you changed your hardware frequently you might run out of activations. To reset your previous device registrations please click on "reset activations" button.

Deactivation after reboot

If your extension requests a new activation after each device reboot please follow these steps:

  1. Ensure your SAM version is 2.0.3 or higher
  2. Open SAM_settings.xml with a text editor, stored in XPlane/Output/preferences
  3. Set acttivation_mode value="2" instead of "1"
  4. Start X-Plane and activate the extension again

No serial

Some users reported that they didn't get a serial via Email, especially at the .org store. Please be aware that we will only send you the serial manually if you can identify yourself and your purchase. Our support team is happy to help you out.