To install SAM plugin extract the zip file into your X-Plane root directory and overwrite if prompted. All files will be placed automatically to the correct directories.



X-Plane 11

- Windows 10/11: compatible

- Linux Ubuntu (latest LTS): compatible

- macOS: compatible from 10.14 to 12.1

X-Plane 12

- Windows 10/11: compatible

- Linux Ubuntu (latest LTS): compatible

- macOS: only compatible with Intel processors (for now) from 10.14 to 12.1


To install or uninstall any extension please use the Content Manager included in X-Plane/Resources/plugins/SAM.

macOS: Messages like "App is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to trash" and similar errors may come up when trying to run Content Manager or starting X-Plane. SAM components are notarized, but the automatic deployment process, such as zipping, uploading, etc might interfere. When this happens, please run the script provided in the SAM directory from the command line, or if you have iTerm installed, you can right-click on the script and select 'Open with > iTerm'

For developers only

If you would like to place objects from the SAM Library in WED you will notice that the library is not available in the selection list. Therefore you have to install the DeveloperPack through the Content Manager.

Open Resources/Plugins/SAM and execute the content manager shortcut. The last item in the list is the DeveloperPack. Install it and restart WED.

Additionally you need to activate the Developer Mode in SAM Settings (Base Plugin) in order to see the Authoring Tool in the SAM Plugin drilldown.