The user menu consists of the tabs Home, Parking, Controls and Settings. It can be opened through the Plugins menu or the hotkey CTRL+ALT+S. You can also assign custom hotkeys to a variety of actions by selecting one from the sam/ category in the X-Plane preferences -> Keyboard menu.

Home Page

The home page shows information about your current airport and your flight. It cannot read out any other than the nearest airport.

Airport Details

The airport details widget shows important information about your current airport like the ICAO and IATA code as well as the field elevation. 

Flight Details

Some animation require information about your upcoming flight like your Flightnumber, the destination and the Estimated Of Block Time (EOBT). You can either enter the relevant data manually or import from various flight planning sources through the download icon in the upper right corner of the widget. Please note that an import source will only be shown if data is available. Currently the following sources are supported:



    VATSIM (xsquawkbox)

    VATSIM (xPilot)


* User Credentials required and safed in the preferences.

Depending on your entered EOBT two new indications will appear in the bottom line of the AOS menu.

REM EOBT          Time left/passed to EOBT in minutes

OTP                    Your on-time performance in relation to the current time


Depending on the source (default/xEnviro or ActiveSkyXP) selected through the option icon the METAR widget shows the latest Meteorological Aerodrome Report available in X-Plane. Please note that only real weather settings create a METAR string, therefore any historical or static weather will only give you a “no data available“ output.

-> Your selected weather source will be safed in the preferences.

Parking Page

The parking page is your access to any animated jetway. The following connection modes are available.

-> Your selected connection mode will be safed in the preferences.


The automatic connection mode does not require any user input. Available jetways will connect to your aircraft as soon as you have shut down your engines and switched of the beacon light. Before you leave the parking position make sure to switch on the beacon to start the jetway disconnect.

Connected jetways will be indicated with a green door icon.

Some 3rd party aircrafts may not be supported in the automatic connection mode. Please refer to the Aircraft Compatibility List for more details.


The manual connection mode gives you full control of any jetway in range. By clicking on a door you will see the available jetways listed. By moving your mouse cursor over a jetway button an arrow will appear above the jetway object in the scenery to indicate which one is selected. Connect it by clicking the button – the door icon will turn green. To disconnect just click the green door again. If multiple jetways are connected you can click on “Clear all” to disconnect all jetways at once.

Important advice: There is no crash detection, so it is your responsibility to connect jetways properly.

Controls Page

Some sceneries feature user-controlled animations which can be accessed through the control page. All available interactions will be listed.

Settings Page

General settings can be selected in the settings page.

-> All selections will be safed in the preferences.

Door Animation

By default your aircraft doors will be opened and closed depending on the jetway status. Due to technical limitations it may happen that the animation is reversed in case you manually controlled the door. We propose to disable the automatic door control if you or any internal aircraft logic will control it.

Some 3rd party aircrafts may not support the automatic door control. Please refer to the Aircraft Compatibility List for more details.

Jetway Status

If enabled, a colored jetway icon will show you the status of the SAM connection logic: 

grey = jetway detected but not in range

blue = jetway in range

green = jetway connected (hides after 5 seconds)


By default SAM adds the library folders in plugins/SAM/lib to your scenery_packs.ini automatically. If you would like to take control over the library packages yourself you can disable this option. 

Please keep in mind that in this case it is your responsibility to add the folders correctly and we can’t give you any support.


You can assign hotkeys for various SAM menus in the X-Plane controls menu by using the category "sam".