The main UI is organized according to the usual progress of a flight. It can be opened through the Plugins menu. You can also assign custom hotkeys to a variety of actions by selecting one from the sam/ category in the X-Plane preferences -> Keyboard menu.


The plan page shows information about your current airport and your flight. You can disable it in the base plugin settings "Skip Flight Planning" in case you don't use it.


  1. Progress bar: Activates the status of your flight depending on the aircraft configuration. You can switch between each phase manually if necessary. Remember that some functions might be unavailable in case the aircraft status is not correct.
  2. Content Manager: Opens the ingame content manager to check the installation/activation status of extensions.
  3. Settings: Opens the settings for SAM and all activated extensions.
  4. Departure Airport: Shows different values for the current airport.
  5. Destination Airport: Enter your destination and preselect a parking spot if you like.
  6. Wind: Will use active sky and fallback to default X-Plane weather.
  7. Departure Runway: Will be proposed based on the current wind and preselected in FollowMe extension
  8. Position: Shows the closest parking position fetched from the available parking positions in the corresponding apt.dat.
  9. Import Flightplan: You can import a flightplan from simbrief. The username can be set in the base plugin settings.
  10. Start Preflight: Switches to PREFLIGHT page. The button will change to RESET FLIGHT if you switch back to the PLAN page in order to fully reset the SAM flow.

PLAN Simbrief import

When you import a flightplan from simbrief it will give you additional information about your flight.

  1. Flight information: Fetched from your simbrief flightplan. Inputs won't have any influence on SAM.
  2. Plan Weights: The aircraft load (payload + fuel) provided by simbrief in relation to the user aircraft limits defined by X-Plane. Keep in mind that values can get out of range if your simbrief weight settings of your aircraft don't match the ones provided in X-Plane. Warning: This does not reflect the actual loading of the aircraft!
  3. Unit conversion: Select units to be displayed in kg or lbs. The selection will be saved in SAM automatically.


The preflight page shows the current aircraft status in terms of ground services.

  1. Door status: Shows the door status. Green = occupied, blue = jetway in range
  2. Aircraft Status: Secured if engine and beacon off
  3. Connection Mode: Auto* = jetway will connect automatically if in range. Manual** = connect available jetways by clicking on the blue door icon.
  4. Current Weight: Shows the current aircraft weight (updated in real time)
  5. Start Flight: Becomes available if aircraft status is "released" and will activate departure page



The automatic connection mode does not require any user input. Available jetways will connect to your aircraft as soon as you have shut down your engines and switched of the beacon light. Before you leave the parking position make sure to switch on the beacon to start the jetway disconnect.

Connected jetways will be indicated with a green door icon.

Some 3rd party aircrafts may not be supported in the automatic connection mode. Please refer to the Aircraft Compatibility List for more details.



The manual connection mode gives you full control of any jetway in range. By clicking on a door you will see the available jetways listed. By moving your mouse cursor over a jetway button an arrow will appear above the jetway object in the scenery to indicate which one is selected. Connect it by clicking the button – the door icon will turn green. To disconnect just click the green door again. If multiple jetways are connected you can click on “Clear all” to disconnect all jetways at once.

Important advice: There is no crash detection, so it is your responsibility to connect jetways properly.


The departure page gives you access to the controls of BetterPushback plugin and SAM FollowMe extension if installed.

  1. BetterPushback Control: Control the pushback directly from SAM. Only visible if plugin is installed
  2. Runway selection: Target of the follow me guidance. Will be preselected to the value on PLAN page if exists
  3. Request Follow Me: Spawns the follow me car on the next available taxiway node to guide to the target position.


In case you get bored inflight give this game a try!

ARRIVAL Page (inflight)

If you are approaching your destination the arrival page will show you some useful information about the airport. If no airport is defined you can enter it manually.

  1. Runway Selection: Will show the preselected arrival runway from PLAN page.
  2. Parking Position Selection: Will show the preselected parking position at destination from PLAN page.

ARRIVAL Page (on ground)

If you arrived at your destination the arrival page will be extended by a follow me section if SAM FollowMe is installed.

  1. Parking Position Selection: Will show the preselected parking position the follow me will guide you to.


When reaching your parking position the parking page will be activated and gives you access to the jetway control just like the preflight page. Additionally you get a flight summary with various data.

Controls Page

Some sceneries feature user-controlled animations which can be accessed through the control page. All available interactions will be listed.