Base Plugin


  • Automatically added by SAM: Don't bother, it's the default. Each extension will be stored inside the plugin directory and linked to your custom scenery directory automatically upon X-Plane startup to ensure it has the highest priority.
  • Manually added by user: If you are an experienced user and have a very good reason to manually link the libraries you can disable the automatic linking with this option. No support is given if you do that!

Jetway Status

If enabled, a colored jetway icon will show you the status of the SAM connection logic: 

grey = jetway detected but not in range

blue = jetway in range

green = jetway connected (hides after 5 seconds)

Jetway External Power

Some SAM jetways provide external power to the aircraft. If your aircraft is incompatible with this, simply disable the feature and use the ground power provided by your aircraft.

Jetway Limit Override

SAM jetways usually have defined limits for the movement and extension depending on the size and position. If your aircraft is out of limits the jetway won't connect but it turned out that people prefer to rather have a connected jetway even when out of limits than nothing. Therefore we override the jetway limits by default. If you want to keep it realistic, disable this option.

Skip Flight Planning

If disabled the PLAN page in the SAM user interface will be permanently hidden. Keep in mind that you won't be able to import or preselect any flight details.


You should keep this disabled unless we tell you to enable it.

Development Mode

By default the SAM Authoring Tool for scenery developers is hidden. If you enable the development mode it will be visible in the plugins menu. Remember to install the DeveloperPack through the Content Manager as well!

Flight Plan

If you want to import flightplans from simbrief you can enter/change your SimBrief user ID here.


Some sceneries offer a variety of color adjustments for the common use of the following additional addons:

  • ORBX TrueEarth
  • ORBX TerraFlora
  • SFD Global
  • SAM Seasons*
  • Ortho4XP

To control the respective version, you can use the Colors & Seasons menu in Plugins->SAM. Remember to check the correct installation of your additional addons first.

Enable/Disable the color adjustment you would like to use. Keep in mind that only either a color or a season version can be selected.

-> Your selection is saved across all sceneries until you deactivate the selected option.

*SAM Seasons is a free extension containing an additional library with replacement textures of Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Deep Winter. You can download it for free through the content manager.


You can assign hotkeys for various SAM menus in the X-Plane controls menu by using the category "sam".