Open SAM > Colors + Seasons in the X-Plane menu header bar to open the configuration menu.

The menu 'Colors + Seasons' works as following:

  • For now, ignore the left part 'Colors', this is not important for the seasons library.

  • The right part 'Seasons' is controlling the seasonal library.

  • If every season is siwtched off (nothing is higlighted in blue) the seasonal library is inactive, you will see the default scenery with default trees or any other scenery replacement like SFD Global, TerraFlora, MisterX HD Forest and so on.

  • If you want whiter trees in deep winter season click on the settings icon next to 'seasons' and switch on the snowy trees - this requires a scenery reload to be visible.

Colors + Seasons menu:

All settings are stored so when you come back to the sim you will see the season which was active when you left SAM Seasons works scenery based so it's replacing default scenery with different color corrected versions based on season active (pretty much like TerraMaxx or WinterMod are working). 

For now, there is no support for automated seasonal changes based on different conditions, this was talked about but I don't know when this will be implemented. SAM Seasons is intended to be used as an alternative to Wintermod and TerraMaxx because the first one is a bit complicated to use (even with JSGME) and the second one seems to be not that widespread as desired so almost no designer supports it.

Colors + Seasons overview chart: