If you have trouble to connect a WorldJetways jetway to your aircraft there could be many reasons. Please use the following guide to troubleshoot your problem.

Jetway indicator = grey

See reason 1

Jetway indicator = blue

See reason 2

No jetway indicator at all

See reason 3

Reason 1 - Jetway not in range

Each jetway has a specific range and turn limit depending on the object type. If your aircraft is not in sufficient range the jetway won't be connected. Use the jetway status indicator to check your current positioning. Some default X-Plane airports have parking positions with a pretty big offset to the actual jetway position. Of course the jetway is limited in its extension and rotation so it can't connect everywhere. You can always modify the parking positions in WED oder post a ticket in the X-Plane Gateway or simply move your aircraft to a closer position by using the X-Plane map (press "m").

Reason 2 - Aircraft not shutdown

In automatic connection mode the jetway will connect if your aircraft engines and beacon light are off.

In manual connection mode you have to connect the jetway manually. Click on the blue jetway indicator icon or open the AOS parking page and click on an available door to select and connect a jetway. Please keep in mind that the Flightfactor A320 works in manual mode only.

Reason 3 - Aircraft not compatible

Each aircraft needs a specific configuration in order to work with SAM. Please check the Aircraft Compatibility List and ensure you are using the latest version.