SAM GlobalTrees supports colors and seasons the same way as SAM Seasons does allowing configuration from within the X-Plane simulator. Open settings in the SAM UI and select the Seasons tab.

The menu Seasons works as following:

  • The right part 'Seasons' is controlling seaonal appearence.

  • If every season is switched off (nothing is higlighted in blue) the seasonal library is inactive, you will see the default scenery with default trees or any other scenery replacement like SFD Global, TerraFlora, MisterX HD Forest and so on.

  • If you want whiter trees in deep winter season click on the settings icon next to 'seasons' and switch on the snowy trees - this requires a scenery reload to be visible.

  • The colors ORBX TrueEarth, ORBX TerraFlora and SFD Global are not available by default, you have to use the included configurator for making them available. If you do these color styles will somewhat simulate the visual appearance of the original addons' vegetation.

  • All settings are stored so when you come back to the sim you will see the season or color which was active when you left.

Colors + Seasons overview chart: