Will this addon affect my performance?

SAM AirportVehicles is highly tuned for performance and due to the intelligent drawing logic it won't have any additional performance impact. If your system is struggeling with big airports like KSEA Seattle for example, it obviously won't get better but not worse either.

Is this a ground service addon?

Definitely not. It's a vehicle replacement tool which means it replaces the default art assets by Laminar Research with custom HD and PBR objects. Additionally our regional system draws different types of vehicles depending on the region your are.

Are the vehicles animated?

Yes, they drive around with rotating wheels like the default X-Plane vehicles do. As X-Plane doesn't give us a chance to read out other animations like lifting baggage belts or similar, those effects are not animated.

Are the static vehicles being replaced too?

Yes they will based on our 3 regions Asia, Europe and North America (+ fallback).

What if I'm flying outside a defined region?

No worries, you will be able to enjoy the HD vehicles even if you are outside of a predefined region. It will always fallback to our North American vehicle set.

Why are the vehicles driving like crazy?

As we only replace the default vehicles they behave exactly the same as before. The default driving logic can be strange sometimes. Vehicles can run into each other or stop out of a sudden for no obvious reason. We hope Laminar will improve that in the future as it is out of our scope.

How can I add custom vehicle liveries or objects?

Please refer to the Developer Guide.