SAM GroundService is fully embedded into the SAM Main UI. You will find the corresponding loading/unloading sliders in the PREFLIGHT and ARRIVAL section.

Preflight Thoughts

Here are some general advices regarding the use of SAM GroundService before actually loading the flight in X-Plane:

  1. SAM will use the current aircraft payload as a base for calculation. Make sure to set it to 0 before using SAM. If not passenger/baggage service will only load/unload the difference between the actual aircraft weight and the selected target. For more details refer to Options Item 2 (end of this page).
  2. SAM will use the actual fuel of the aircraft. If you load up a flight with 5t fuel on board and set the GroundService slider to 10t it will only load the difference. That also applies if your actual fuel amount is higher than the target. It will then reduce the amount.


STEP 1: On the PLAN page click on START PREFLIGHT in order to initialize GroundService. If you've imported a SimBrief flightplan before, the weights will be used for as preselection. Please note, that the planned weight from SimBrief might differ to the GroundService sliders because of different base parameters in the calculation. SAM GroundService will aim for the correct amount of fuel as well as the correct total loading weight.

Tip: If you want to reset the GroundService logic, go back to the PLAN page and click on RESET FLIGHT.

STEP 2: Select your type of parking position.

  1. If jetway is selected GroundService won't spawn any stair on the front door assuming that you have a jetway connected (SAM, Autogate, XP12 default, etc).
  2. If stairs is selected GroundService will act like on a remote parking position with full stair arrangement for boarding.

STEP3: Select the sliders to your liking. You can see the real time weight changes in the AIRCRAFT WEIGHTS section (planned weights).

1. Ground Power: enable/disable ground power supply. Not compatible for all 3rd party aircrafts.

2. Ground Air: enable/disable ground air supply. Not compatible for most 3rd party aircrafts. 

3. Passenger Service: Will board passengers by bus or jetway.

4. Catering: Enables catering service. No influence on weight, just animation.

5. Cleaning: Enables cleaning service. No influence on weight, just animation.

6. Baggage: Will load baggage according to the slider selection.

7. Cargo: Will load container according to the slider selection.

8. Fuel: Will refill/unload fuel according to the slider selection.

9. Crew Shuttle. Enables crew shuttle service prior passenger boarding. No influence on weight, just animation.

10. Shows the required total time to finish all services.

11. Will start loading. Switches to FAST TRACK to instantly finish all services.

12. Will clear all vehicles.


In order to start unloading you need to:

  1. Shut down the aircraft including beacon off
  2. Select the type of parking position on the SAM arrival page.

The unloading services will then start automatically. To reset the flight go to the PLAN page and click on RESET FLIGHT.


1. The unloading of the aircraft will start automatically if the aircraft is secured (engines + beacon off)

2. If enabled, SAM will reset the payload to 0 upon flight loading - no matter what you selected in the weight section in X-Plane menu. Warning: This setting can cause issues with the flight initialization for some aircrafts like the FlightFactor A320.

3. If enabled, SAM will enable Ground Power automatically on flight loading (if configured for selected aircraft)

4. If enabled the stairs will stay connected once boarding is completed.