Are the vehicles animated?

Yes, they drive around with rotating and steering wheels and will dock to the target properly. The services like baggage/cargo loading are animated as well, passengers however are static only.

Vehicles move unrealistically right before docking

Some vehicles require a cm-precise docking to match the animation like the fuel nozzle positioning. Depending on various factors the vehicle might not be able to drive the exact routing. Therefore we need to manually correct this on the very last meters.

Why do vehicles drive through airport objects?

We have a collision protection but just between our vehicles. As we can't ensure that the parking positions are clear of objects on every airport there is no collision detection for scenery objects.

My 3rd party aircraft doesn't get loaded

There could be 2 reasons:

1. Your aircraft is only compatible with fast track because of code limitations by the aircraft developer. Check the aircraft availability list.

2. You're looking at the EFB/UI/Menu of the 3rd party developer which doesn't get updated in real time. Open the instructor panel with "i" and see if the weight changes every few seconds.